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372 Graham Avenue, East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City, New York40.71550000-73.94454000Mexican

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is a historic and artistic neighborhood in Mexico City where food can be found everywhere — little taco stands, markets, converted bicycles delivering tamales or corn on the cob, etc. It's a bohemian neighborhood very much like Williamsburg Brooklyn, where MESA COYOACÁN is located.

CHEF IVAN GARCIA developed his reverence for traditional Mexican cooking while growing up in a multi-generational home in his native Mexico City. As a small boy, Garcia would stand on a chair in his family's kitchen, watching and helping his grandmother and mother cook elaborate dishes for the family. Over the years, his desire to cook classic Mexican cuisine intensified.

He received a degree in the Culinary Arts from Iberoamericana University.

In New York City, Garcia's talents were quickly recognized which led to employment at several notable Mexican Restaurants.

While many chefs use Mexican cuisine as a means of combining flavors to do "modern" style Mexican food, Garcia believes strongly in the classic dishes of his diverse culture. Garcia's great respect for the ingredients and processes found in traditional Mexican cooking are illustrated in both his approach to executing a recipe and developing his own creations.

MESA COYOACÁN is a labor of LOVE from Chef Ivan Garcia and his business partners Gerardo and Jorge.




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