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990 Bay Street, Rosebank, Staten Island, New York City, New York40.61840000-74.06949600Mexican

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While not everyone is familiar with some of the Chef Specials we offer and change weekly, our loyal customers have responded positively to the creations of German Muñoz, our talented Chef.
Some of his favorite ingredients are guajillo peppers, epazote herbs, avocado leaves and meats such as rabbit and tender goat meat which his mother used to make a 4 hour lunch. Yes, lunch in Mexico is a big deal that can take a half a day to make and two hours to eat, followed by a nap.
Other inspirations come from authentic Mexican Chefs from the Capital, Mexico City where I had the pleasure to visit with German. We tasted “Huitlacoche quesadilla”, giant corn kernels covered by an edible type of fungus…delicious!, meat such as armadillo in guajillo sauce, to die for!
Often customers ask who comes up with the recipes and tell us that they had never had such dishes at a Mexican Restaurant. German is happy to explain that Mexico is a country that founded its capital in 1325 under the name of Tenochtitlan by the Aztecs. That was a very long time ago; a period in which Arabs, French and Spaniards influenced the original food and ingredients currently used in many Mexican homes throughout the country.
The abundant chiles, unique fruits, mushrooms, nuts and herbs allow for exotic concoctions which German is an expert at combining. A true Chef experiments and that is what German does when he makes Pollo Patron $18.95, Tequila Fired Shrimp Over Rice $14.95, Goat Cheese, Spinach and Rajas Stuffed Poblano $22.95 are just a few examples; a favorite of many and a question to others, is it really Mexican food? German says it is, and that’s that.


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