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15 East 17th Street, Chelsea, Manhattan, New York City, New York40.73660000-73.99285000Asian

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At Laut, we pride ourselves on fresh ingredients, amazing sauces and great service. It is our mission to provide Manhattan with the most authentic Thai and Malaysian cuisine, short of being there yourself. Stop by for a quick bite during lunch hours or join us for dinner and dine on one of our mouth watering entrees. Union Square tourists and locals alike rave about our delicious Thai and Malaysian cuisine. Staying in for dinner? Laut will happily deliver to your residence.

Thai and Malaysian cuisines are praised for their complexities and unique flavors. Often very spicy, there are also plenty of smoother and milder dishes to please any palate. The most basic sensations of taste-sweetness, saltiness, sourness and bitterness-are balanced in ways that may sometimes seem unusual but always with perfect harmony for a truly delectable meal. Few chefs are able to pull off authentically flavorful Thai and Malaysian food with the expertise of the chefs at Laut, so treat yourself to the premier Thai restaurant in NYC here in Union Square.

The Union Square area is always bustling with tourists, commuters and locals alike, and Laut is proud to offer them the same flavors, textures and quality ingredients that would be experienced in a fine dining establishment in Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur, right here at a Thai restaurant NYC. Each savory bite transports diners from Manhattan to lush, distant jungles, shimmering beaches and ancient temples, far from this Thai restaurant in NYC. It’s the closest you’ll get to actually experiencing the flavors of Thailand’s rich, exotic culture firsthand. The preeminent Thai restaurant NYC, Laut is the destination for anyone who craves the authentic tastes of Southeast Asian cuisine.




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