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457 Court Street, Gowanus, Brooklyn, New York City, New York40.67740000-73.99828000Italian

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Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo have strong opinions about what sort of experience they want to share at Frankies and what sort of people and products help create that experience. Frank and Frank hold on to love of the old ways they learned in their grandparents' kitchens—sausages made in storied butcher shops the same way for over 100 years and vegetables sold by the neighborhood's push cart grocer. But they are also dedicated to serving fresh, healthy, local, humanely raised fare. To lend an old world flavor to their modern Italian cooking, Frank and Frank established relationships with local butchers, delis, cheesemongers,

coffee purveyors, organic grocers and brewmasters who are similarly dedicated to old-school quality. We have created a list of Frankies "friends" to help you know a little more about us—and them. These friends are a lively bunch—Oregon coffee fanatics, the son of the last horse-drawn cart peddler of fruits and vegetables in Carroll Gardens, farmhouse cheesemongers on the Lower East Side and a sausage maker in the West Village who really has been making sausages with the same care and pride for the past 100 years. These are small, dedicated companies anyone would be proud to do business with, and Frankies wouldn't be the same without them.




Bib Gourmand
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