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91 South 6th Street, Williamsburg - South Side, Brooklyn, New York City, New York40.71100000-73.96525600Asian

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A non-partisan, secular group, the Fatty Crew is charged with managing all Fatty restaurants and commercial efforts. To trace the roots of its inception, one must journey to the depths of the Ladakhi mountain range for it is there that our story begins.

An apprentice monk at the Hemis Buddhist Temple 50 miles outside of Leh, India, young Pelaccio was struggling through the day’s ration of tsampa, a bland porridge that is the staple diet of most monks throughout the Himalyas, Zanskar Mountains and Ladakhi range. From under his habit, Pelaccio pulled a small bottle of fish sauce, a chili and a small lime. Somewhat off his game that day, Pelaccio’s indiscretion was observed by an Elder and, for his indulgence, Pelaccio was banished from this nether region to steamy, equatorial Southeast Asia. Jettisoned from a life’s pursuit of introspection and idleness, he entered this new world as a wide-eyed child.

The sights, sounds, energy and magic of this new world coalesced and a single, clear path presented itself to Pelaccio: the path of flavor. Without regard for his own wellbeing, Pelaccio went down this path, devouring all the knowledge and curry he could along the way. A martyr, he endured the struggles of night markets, day markets, beachfront restaurants and all manner of exotic foods without any concern for his personal comfort. He spent years following a rigorous regimen of consumption, imbibing several liters of alcohol a day in order to achieve the enlightened glaze sought by those who have attempted to master this discipline. Having found a spiritual symbiosis with the bounty of the land, sea and night time Pasars, the time had come for Pelaccio to return home.

It was not until years after his return that the significance of this spiritual training would manifest. In 2005, it did and Fatty Crab was born unto the world. From that point forward, Pelaccio, joined by his more grounded partner Rick Camac, and a crew of highly skilled operatives incuding Corwin Kave, Colin Camac, Adam Schuman and Jesse Camac have run a collective of restaurants dedicated to the pursuit of flavor.

The mission is ongoing and the end is no where in sight.


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