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311 West 17th Street, Chelsea, Manhattan, New York City, New York40.74170000-74.00140000Mexican

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Sueños has grown to be one of New York’s favorite hideaways, offering a variety of fresh Mexican dishes, authentic Mexican décor, and stellar margaritas. At Sueños, chiles are celebrated with their own $50 prix-fixe tasting menu. Sueños reflects Torres’ love and respect of all things Mexican.
Chef Sue Torres Brings Her Dreams To Life In Sueños

A really good dream transports you to another world where every discovery is captivating and delightful. So it is with Sueños, which means “dreams” in Spanish.

Sueños reflects Torres' love and respect of all things Mexican. From the décor, to the selection of tequilas, to the insistence of a true cocinera, or tortilla lady, working on a comal in the main dining room; Torres pays homage to the centuries of tradition that have woven together Mexico’s flavors and ingredients. The menu reflects Torres’ understanding of the country’s regional diversity, as well as her classical culinary training.

At Sueños, chiles are celebrated with their own $50 prix-fixe tasting menu featuring four courses (including dessert). The ever-changing dishes, each prepared with one chile as its star, includes pairings such as Guacamole with Chile de Arbol Tortilla, Shrimp Empanada with Poblano Cream Sauce, Coconut-Habanero Poached Seafood Tacos, Chile Mecco Relleno, and Serrano-Pistachio Crusted Key Lime Pie.

To develop her beverage menu, Torres turned to nationally acclaimed beverage consultant, Steve Olson, who has shaped the wine and spirits menus of many of the country’s top restaurants. With Olson, Torres selected an array of New World wines, tequilas and mezcals- many of which are handcrafted by small producers, using 100 percent organically grown Agave.

To create the right setting for her menu, Torres hired Bogdanow Partners Architects, who took advantage of the Chelsea property’s receded entrance and enhanced the short passageway, drawing guests into a hidden door which reveals Sueños hidden treasure. The storefront on West 17th Street, displays Sueños’ bustling kitchen.

Within the restaurant, guests discover not one, but three spaces, each with its own dream-like quality. A palette of colors reminiscent of the paintings of Frida Kahlo is used in the green bar area, the Southwestern peach courtyard, and the magenta dining room. Within the center of the restaurant sits a glass-enclosed oasis featuring a tranquil fountain flowing into a small pond surrounded by river rocks, herbs and foliage. Sunlight filters throughout the floor-to-ceiling windows. As if onstage, the cocinera appears on a raised platform in the corner of the main dining room, where she tends to the comal and prepares fresh guacamole, tortillas and nixtamal- made from the authentic in-house corn molino.

To further evoke Mexico’s artistic styles, Torres commissioned Brooklyn artist Lucas Moran to create pine dream boxes to hang on the walls.

Chef Torres’ passion for Mexico knows no bounds, and with annual trips to cook beside some of the country’s culinary stars as well as beside her mother and grandmothers, she is able to continually hone her knowledge of this country’s expansive culinary range.




Sue Torres


Casual Dining


Between 8th and 9th Avenue
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