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229 Lexington Avenue, Murray Hill, Manhattan, New York City, New York40.74597300-73.97972400Italian

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Opened since 1995, Executive chef and owner, Ciro Verdi, continues to provide patrons with a regional Italian cuisine that not only satisfies their every expectation but keeps them coming back for more. A regional Italian cuisine paired flawlessly with a well-developed wine list, which is neither pretentious nor overwhelming, makes a patron’s experience both memorable and enjoyable. An atmosphere which exudes a “refined rustic” feeling brings a sense of comfort, amazement, and sophistication.

Italian’s are known for showing their love through food, drink, and hospitality and that is exactly what we at Da Ciro Ristorante strive to accomplish. Wonderfully executed dishes, served in harmony with worldly wines, satisfies a diners’ every desire!

“Ciro Verdi, chef and owner, specializes in focaccia robiola; a wonderfully crisp double-crusted pizza encasing melted robiola cheese drizzled with truffle oil. This and other terrific pizzas are made in the wood-burning oven, which is also the source of fine baked dishes like the casserole of wild mushrooms served in a crock with arugula, goat cheese, olives, tomatoes and mozzarella.”





Ciro Verde


Casual Elegant


Between 33rd and 34th street
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