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643 Hudson Street, Meatpacking District, Manhattan, New York City, New York40.78206900-73.98038000Malaysian

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Fatty Crab is a restaurant that serves Malaysian inspired cuisine. Malaysia is a peninsular country that dangles just below Thailand in Southeast Asia and borders Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and The Philippines.

The Malaysians use a wide variety of spices, fermented condiments, chilies, and a ton of coconut milk in their cuisine. Over the years there have been distinct Chinese, Portuguese, Indian and Indonesian influences integrated into the cuisine, especially in the urban centers and port cities. Abundant with curries, spicy and sour fish soups, satay, varied noodle dishes and the ubiquitous nasi lemak, Malaysian cuisine is complex, spicy and really hard to categorize…and the coolest thing is they love to eat with their hands. A practice we at Fatty Crab fully embrace.

We refer to our restaurant as “inspired by” because while the cuisine stays very true to the Malaysian palate, we also pull from the cuisines of other Southeast Asian countries and employ many western techniques in the execution of the food. We try to support as many local farmers and producers as possible in our temperate climate to cook this distinctive, tropical cuisine.

You will find that we rotate some of our menu items seasonally and run market-inspired specials. And, a number of classic dishes stay on the menu all the time: beef short rib rendang, pork and watermelon salad, fatty duck and, of course, chili crab, to name a few. Oh, and unlike many -dare we say most- Southeast Asian restaurants, all of our condiments and pastes are made fresh, from scratch…and with love…a whole lotta love.

Yes, Fatty Crab is a restaurant, but we like to think of it as a joint. There’s much beyond food that creates the experience. The wine list, which constantly receives accolades from top wine writers, is designed to pair well with robust, spicy flavors. Many wines have been tested alongside spoonfuls of sambal belachan (a spicy Malaysian condiment). The original list of cocktails, which has been expanded over the years, includes selections well suited to the most demanding cocktail aficionado (a growing lot, to be sure) and the not-so-demanding-lush.

Then there’s the crew. A ragtag bunch, each with a personality big enough to fill the tiny West Village Fatty Crab on his/her own. Some of these cats have been working with us for years, some since Zak’s days in Williamsburg…crazy. It’s the crew that makes the joint…and they do make it. Come check us out in the West Village or our new location on St. John in the U.S.V.I.

Makan, Makan, Makan!




Zak Pelaccio


Bib Gourmand


Casual Dining


W77th Street
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