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401 Avenue of the Americas, Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City, New York40.73320000-73.99980000VegetarianVegan

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How do you picture a wonderfully unique dining experience in the city of New York? A place to unwind at an organic juice bar, where you can casually read your papers and sip on a cool glass of freshly prepared fruit smoothie. Become infused with raw energy. Take pleasure in a conversation with friends or neighbors at the community table over delectable morsels of quick bites. Relax and take in the scents of exotic food and spices. Watch an open kitchen come to life as invigorating music and warmth surround you. Celebrate the joy of eating with a nutritious meal from the innovative vegetarian menu, complemented by a fine glass of organic wine. Hear the sounds of laughter and delight as you are being treated like family.

Intrigued? These sensuous adventures and more are waiting for you at GOBO where everyone is brought together in a cozy setting, reminiscent of a country kitchen that embodies big city life. It is a country kitchen with flair. From the eclectic West Village, the doors of GOBO restaurant open into a stylish, comfortable and vibrant space serving exciting vegetarian global cuisine that conveys the diversity of the neighborhood. An extension of New York in which your five senses enjoy constant stimulation, GOBO is an inviting scene for all people to share in the spiritual experience of healthy vegetarian dining. Take a journey to the GOBO country kitchen to discover "food for the five senses". Leave with an awakening of both your body and mind!


Vegetarian, Vegan


Yuki Chen


Casual Elegant


8th Street and Waverly Place
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