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95 Allen Street, Bowery, Manhattan, New York City, New York40.71876900-73.99103100Italian

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We met in the educational portion of our culinary journey. It was then that we established the similarities in beliefs about restaurants. One of us possessing a passion for back of house operations while the other focused on front of the house made it a match. Our search for cultures sharing our beliefs is where Sorella was born.

Sorella is the "sister" conceived on a journey throughout Northern Italy. We found a love for Piedmont's cafe culture that insisted we bring the feeling back to New York. The small villages and cities of Piedmont were the only places in the world we found that we loved even remotely as much as we love Manhattan.

Sorella is our family. We are connected not by blood, but by a mutual love for tasty food and wine. Artisanal products of every sort have a permanent place in our cozy, sparkly lower east side home. We built our home on memories, inside jokes, and as much friggin wine paraphernalia as possible. We thrive to make every client a member of our little family...




Emma Hearst


Casual Elegant
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