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811 Ninth Avenue, Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, New York City, New York40.76596500-73.98754700Mediterranean

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ituated in the heart of Hell's Kitchen neighborhood in New York City, Medi Wine Bar is an inviting space that offers Mediterranean fusion cuisine and a wide selection of wines from the region, combined with unparalleled service.

Story and Concept
Medi's partners Dorian Gashi and Andrea Giacomoni, who share over 35 years of experience in the Food, Wine and Service industries, met about 10 years ago. From the beginning they realized their shared interest and love for food, wine, music, history, politics and soccer. As a result, the Medi Wine Bar and Restaurant idea was born. Trying new ideas and experimenting with different ingredients and cuisines from the Mediterranean region will be part of Medi's daily routine. Both Dorian and Andrea share a Mediterranean food and wine cultural background.

Food and Wine
Medi's rich food menu will include small plates, such as Bites, Mezzes, and Tapas, as well as main plates complimented with some of the best valued wines that the Mediterranean region has to offer. Food ideas are based on the different areas of the Mediterranean cuisine and are presented in simple but creative ways.

Taking advantage of the luxury that NYC has to offer when it comes to fresh produce and food supply, Medi will bring out of its open kitchen a seasonal menu that will include some of the most simple, but yet very interesting, creations that will adopt with its own ideas and concepts.

The Space - Open Kitchen, Large Bar and Dining Area, Outdoors Garden, and Wine Cellar
What once was a local paint shop is now Medi Wine Bar - a diverse space that includes an open kitchen, cool large bar, and dining area on the first floor, a green and peaceful garden in the back area, and a beautiful cozy cellar downstairs.

On the first floor, anyone can sit on the small counter by the open kitchen for a "quick cooking class" while the large bar and dining area will introduce patrons to what Medi is all about.

Fresh herbs, flowers and a very romantic atmosphere will make your dining and wine drinking experience outdoors a very exceptional one in our green and peaceful ouutdoors garden.

Downstairs, the Wine Cellar features a large communal dining table as well as smaller tables. The cellar's warm and intimate space is perfect for any occasion, including but not limited to private wine and food events or romantic dating (if you don’t mind sharing an eleven foot long communal table with other patrons, separated from a fruit basket, large candles or a large watermelon).




Casual Dining


54th street
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